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Partners (institutional) name Down Syndrome Association
Role in the project Operational project partner
Responsible person (for the project) Fulya Ekmen
Address İçerenkoy Mah. Eski Evler Sok. N:7 D:3 34752 Ataşehir - İstanbul
Homepage http://www.downturkiye.org
Main activity in the project
Main area of work concerning Early Childhood Education and Care and / or ICT

Down Sendromu Derneği activated its works in 2009 as a platform and than became an association in 2011. It focuses on issues about Down syndrome. It creates programmes for families and experts and trying to change perseption of the society by varios activities. It gives consultancy 30.000 families and experts.

Main programs managing by the association are:

1- Welcome Program: Its target is to give consultancy to the families whose children are in between 0-23(newborn - end of high school) and obtain support in education, health care and books about Down syndrome.

2- Social Consultancy Program: Target of the program is to give consultancy about social aids and legal regulations to the families and to give consultancy and trainings to the experts who are the educators of people with Down syndrome.

3-Job Coached Supported Employment Program: It is created to give an opportunity to the people with Down Syndrome to be part of job life. Since 2012 until 2017 49 people with Down syndrome has begun to work in 11 different companies in 13 cities and by this program %88 continuity has been ensured.

4- Career and Autonomy Program and Academy: It is designed to increase independent life capacity of the youngsters with Down syndrome who finished the school life and prepare them to the job life.

5- Youth Programs: It is designed to increase organization and relationship skills of youngsters with Down syndrome with their peers both with and without Down syndrome.

6- Healthy Body Programs: It is a dance course designed to support mind and body health development of youngsters with Down syndrome by the support of Hilton Bomonti Hotel and Convention Center.

7- Informing and Awareness Programs: These programs include meetings, seminars, workshops, body walks, exhibitions etc. for the experts, students and the rest of society to inform them in a right way with right data and target is to remove the prejudices about Down syndrome.

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