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Mobile APPs and Tools for Early Childhood Education & Care
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Partners (institutional) name Centre d'Etude et de Formation pour l'Education Spécialisée Université Libre de Bruxelles
Role in the project Operational project partner
Responsible person (for the project) Jean Jacques Detraux, Chairman & Aurélie Huyse Director
Address 50 Av FR. Roosevelt CP122/1 1050 Bruxelles
Homepage http://www.cefes.be
Main activity in the project Dissemination Training coaching
Main area of work concerning Early Childhood Education and Care and / or ICT

The Centre for Study and Training in Special Education – Free University Brussels is a non profit organization located into the University and binded to it by a Convention. The Centre is a part of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences. The Centre was founded in 1982.

The main objective of the Centre is to develop links between  scientific research, universitary teaching and the practitioners in various services as well as the families. The centre deal with young children, school aged children and adults with a disability or a specific learning difficulties.

The Centre achieves jointly applied or fundamental research projects, training, expertises, clinical consultation and documentation service.

The Centre is sollicitated by Ministries, associations and various organisms and is involved in different european projects in order to conduct researchwork on the topics such as :

-       Development of methodologies for analysis the needs of disabled persons and families ;

-       development of computerized tools to collect and manage personal data and assessment to achieve individual educational plan (ptoject AIRMES) in collbaration with AIR Besançon

-       development of parents-professionals partnerships and sharing of knowledge

-       development of ICT-based team learning in ICF-CY for young children

-       inclusive education

-       analysis of barriers in implementing UN-Convention

-       development of tools and methodology to promote reading and numeracy abilities in intellectual disabled adults

-       study on transition phases in the life course of disabled persons and their family ( in intellectual disabled persons and in cerebral palsied persons)

-       selfdetermination, selfregulation and learning in intellectual disabled persons

-       socio-vocational integration of adults with Down Syndrome

-       studies in the field of multiple and complex situations of handicap


The Centre is also involved in fundamental researchwork on the development of tools to assess disabled persons : scale to assess the visuo-spatial and visuo-perceptual abilities in cerebral palsied children ; scale for the assessment of socio-emotional skills ; scale for the assessment of early ageeing in intellectual disabled  adults

The majority of the ressearch programs are developed in collaboration with Universities, Centres, Associations in Belgium or abroad. We are involved in various European programs.

The Centre is involved in the organization of training for teachers, educators, therapists and other professionals but also training for disabled people and for parents. We train adults with intellectual disability in rlitteracy and numeracy as well as practical skills for daily life. Currently a group of 30 trainers are collaborating with the Centre for those training.

Further we propose expertise and supervision to teams of professionals on site and to parent’s associations or associations of disabled persons.

 We are presently engaged in at-distance learning and coaching for professionals and families.

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