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Mobile APPs and Tools for Early Childhood Education & Care
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Partners (institutional) name Infosoc - Office for informatic, social and cultural cooperation
Role in the project Operational project partner
Responsible person (for the project) Wilhelm Stadler
Address Kinkgasse 5/3
A-8010 Graz
Homepage http://www.infosoc.at
Main activity in the project InfoSoc is technical/overall responsible partner for product/outcome 1 "SEN APP Advisor" and operative participating partner fpr product/outcome 2 "APP and Tool Multiplier".
Main area of work concerning Early Childhood Education and Care and / or ICT

InfoSoc (Office for informatic, social and cultural cooperation) is a non-profit association based in Graz, Austria, active in the fields of social, cultural and educational research and development. 

Within this objective InfoSoc offers cooperation by participation in common (research, development, pilot, cultural, ...) projects on European, national or regional level, providing, amongst others, experience and capacity in conceptual development, research and project implementation in the context of social affairs, education, and arts/culture, but also e.g. delivery of IT tools for specific purposes within the mentioned areas. 

InfoSoc as association has been founded in 2009. The main responsible persons of InfoSoc however have long-term experience in the implementation of EU projects and cooperation projects generally.
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